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Maintenance details


Can you please help to get the better understanding about the maintenance activities happens in Avamar.

Means what happens exactly in GC,HFC & check point.

When does balancing runs?

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Thank you very much to all.

I got the information which is more then required.


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Some added Clarification in reading the check point status:

The Field that says "valid" indicates that the Checkpoint process completed properly, indicating that it is a "Valid" checkpoint, NOT "Validated".

The second field that says "hfs" is the HFSCheck field, where "hfs" indicates a full hfscheck completed successfully and the checkpoint is "Validated". If the second field says "rol", it indicates that a rolling  HFSCheck has completed successfully and the check point is "Validated".

If the second field has dashes "---", this indicates that the HFSCheck process has not run on this checkpoint and the the checkpoint  is not "validated" even though the status says "valid ---".

The second HFS field can also have some other, seldom seen, status values, which are documented in the Administration Guide. But if you should see something else there, other than what is described here, it would be advisable to contact Remote Reactive Avamar Customer Support to investigate.

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