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Migrate from vCenter (on Windows) to vCenter Appliance 5.1

I'm getting ready to change from a windows-based vCenter to the appliance version.  How can I point Avamar to the new vCenter server?  I just read a previous thread that Avamar can only handle one vCenter at a time - which is absolutely ridiculous.

It appears that vCenter Appliance 5.1 is based on Suse Linux.  Do I need to install a Linux client on the appliance?

I'm a novice with Avamar and my assistant recently left.  Which means that I'll have to learn more of this stuff. So please excuse me if I ask a really dumb question. 


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You should be able to add a second vCenter to Avamar.  From Avamar Administrator, navigate to "Administration," right click, select "New Client," select "VMware vCenter" for the "Client Type," enter the vCenter FQDN for "New Client Name or IP," and enter credentials to connect to vCenter in the appropriate boxes.

You only need to install an Avamar Linux client on the vCenter appliance if you wish to backup the vCenter appliance's filesystem.  If you choose to install the agent on the vCenter appliance, make sure you have the Avamar MCS attribute set to allow duplicate client names before you register the agent (since Avamar will already have the vCenter client registered using this name from the above steps).

This is also covered in the Avamar for VMware User Guide available on support.emc.com.

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