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Migrating backups from one domain to another


We backup VM's using Avamar and store them on a Data Domain. We are migrating the data stores to a new vCenter and need to know is there a way to either rename a vCenter domain in Avamar and keep all the backups and retentions for the existing backups or a way to migrate the backups configured for the old vCenter domain to the new vCenter domains, keeping all the current backups and retentions.

All the data sets i use for these backups are created in / so they can be used on any domain on our Avamar node. I have read where this may have been done by others, but no details


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Re: Migrating backups from one domain to another

Firstly, you cannot rename a Domain in Avamar

There is a procedure documented in the Avamar for VMware User Guide on renaming a vCenter Client. The short version is edit the vCenter client with the new server name and credentials, restart MCS/Scheduler and reboot proxies. Look for the document for complete details, just search for avamar vmware user guide on support.emc.com and select the correct version

This would result in the Domain still having the name of the old vCenter, but Backups/Restores should still work. Disclaimer: I've never done this myself

The only other way is to retire (not delete) all the VM clients, delete the domain and start again with the new vCenter.

See also https://community.emc.com/message/922004

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