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Orphan Mtree, how to securely remove it


I wanted to see with the community the following.

I have found that on a DD system an Avamar Mtree that seem to not be used,

We have 2 Avamar and 2 DD integrated with each other



Av1 replicate to Av2 (simple replication)

I have found an Mtree of Av1 on DD2 I can confirm if I run ddrmaint read-ddr-info on Av1 I do not see DD2 so they are not integrated.

But if I do list Mtree on DD I see the av1

DDBoostUser@xxxxxDD02# mtree list

Name                           Pre-Comp (GiB)   Status

----------------------------   --------------   ------

/data/col1/avamar-xxxxxxxxx 75858.0   RW

/data/col1/avamar-yyyyyyyyy        3752059.2   RW

/data/col1/backup                         0.0   RW

----------------------------   --------------   ------

As this Mtree is using space that I like to reclaim I like to know if there would be unforeseen impact on the following action plan

I like to do the following:

  1. Rename the mtree from avamar-xxxxxxxxx to avamar-NOT
  2. On both Avamar do a  manual checkpoint then a full HFScheck

2 possibility I like to double check:

-- If the Mtree is still use we agree that the CP would fail isn’t it, (if the cp fail then rename back the mtree to avamar-xxxxxxxxx)

-- If the Mtree is not in use both Cp and full HFScheck will complete

What I like to know is can I do the Mtree renaming transparently for avamar (supposing the mtree is actually orphan, which I am like 99% certain as the DD is not displayed when I do a ddrmaint read-ddr-info) and in case of issue put back the name and restore the service.

The objective been to delete eventually the Mtree and run a filesys clean to remove it permanently but as it is a really permanent delete I absolutely want to confirm that it is not used by avamar in anycase.


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Re: Orphan Mtree, how to securely remove it

You can mount the mtree to a NFS share and check file access dates.

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Re: Orphan Mtree, how to securely remove it

Thanks I'll have a look.

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