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Question regarding Avamar Dataset Options


I have a question regarding an option that is available when setting up or editing a dataset in Avamar.  Specifically, under the plug-in type for the Windows File System, there is an option for "Perform a Windows Optimized Backup of a Windows Deduplication volume".  Can anyone give me some insight as to what this actually does and if or how this might improve performance.  We are running Avamar server version 7.1.2-21, and this specific dataset has multiple servers included.



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Re: Question regarding Avamar Dataset Options


Perform a Windows Optimized Backup of a Windows Deduplicated volume:

Specifies whether to back up files in either optimized or unoptimized state on Windows deduplicated volumes on Windows Server 2012.

If you back up files in an optimized state, then you can restore the files in either an optimized or unoptimized state.

You can only restore files from a Windows deduplicated volume to the original location or to another Windows Server 2012 computer with Windows deduplicated volumes.


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