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Replication shows failed in EMS however activity runs normal on Server

Hello All,

We are using the Avamar 6.1 with grid version 6.1.1-87.

Enterprise Manager replication was showing as failed to target Avamar server ******. The last replication reported was from March 26th of this year so this is obviously stale data with replication running successfully on a daily basis. EMC is being looking into the issue and been through below troubleshooting steps and asked to check if it has corrected the data of EMS by performing but no luck

1 : - Restarted the mcs and ems on both the source and target grids.

2:    Performed a flush on the emserver and mcserver

There were some hot fixes that were recommended by EMC and were install on the server however still no joy.

Could anyone help here??

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