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Setting inclusions in the Datasets


I'm starting to learn Avamar and how things are done over Commvault. In a test environment I am building and playing with the data sets so once the Avamar hardware is up and running I can continue with the configuration. With the data set I only want specific locations to be backed up. There are 3 maybe 4 locations on the Physical Windows file servers and their associated sub folders I want to backup. Aside from 2-3 servers all these folders are on the E drive on the server.

Would I be able in the inclusions tab use a wildcard and the paths in question? So that way on server A where the files are on the the E drive are backed up but on Server B where it's on the D drive the same path is backed up?

$:\vol1\Home\ for example?

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Re: Setting inclusions in the Datasets

Hello and welcome to the forums!

You're looking for an inclusion like this:


This tells Avamar to look in each physical drive for the path starting with \ABC\, then it will backup the contents within.  If you look at the Help documentation, I think on Windows, it's specified as **/ABC/.

Let us know if that helps!


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