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Skip datastore check

Can someone tell me what are the implications of setting [avvcbimage]skip_datastore_check=true?

I mean, rather than setting it as an option when you have to re-run a job, setting it on the scheduled dataset.

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Re: Skip datastore check

At the start of the backup,avvcbimage verifies number of VMDK files inside the VMFolder against number of disk(s) + snapshot, if the number does not match the backup fails with error message "to many extra snapshot files". This feature was added in Avamar >= 6.1  so that customer can rectify/fix the problem without creating further problem in their environment. If [avvcbimage]skip_datastore_check=true option is provided, it will not verify the files on the datastore and will continue with snapshot/backup/removesnapshot and could make the problem worse, lets assume you have 1 extra snapshot file which is currently locked by ESX/Proxy it may create another on by the time backup is finished. It is NOT recommended to use this switch unless you really know what you are doing.


Amol Powar

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