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Troubleshooting FLR - Ways to view Number of Files, Size of Directory? Number of allowed synchranous restores? Streams in use?

In being asked to restore a directory of a Linux VM, I experienced some strange issues.
After selecting the directory for restore, and giving a restore path to the same VM, and then having wget installed on the said VM, a whole 3MB had been restored after 20 minutes.

The question arose: How large was this directory, and how many files are in it.  Is this information obtainable from Avamar Administrator?  If this was a large directory, or had in excess of the FLR limit in number of files, this was a wasted effort anyway.

Attempted to restore the entire VM while this restore was running.  Avamar remained in the 'Waiting-Client' status until I canceled the File Level Restore.  Attempting to restart the FLR while the VM was restoring to a New VM showed the same behavior - the file level restore would not begin until the VM restore finished.  Where would a limit like this exist (is a proxy limited to a certain number of restore activities?  issues with the number of streams, though this seems unlikely?)

Troubleshooting a restore that didn't start seems like it would be easier than one that started, but moved at about 0.5 MB / Minute, whereas the full VM restored ~70GB in 15 minutes.