Why is the CertLog directory excluded?


I'm backing up a Windows Server that is part of a PKI.  Avamar is skipping an important directory that I want to have for possible future disaster recovery.

The directory is C:\Windows\System32\CertLog.  This is not part of the exceptions in the data set.  I do suspect there are some built-in exceptions of which I'm not aware.

I put an inclusion rule, but the directory was still excluded.

I appreciate your help!

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Re: Why is the CertLog directory excluded?

Avamar honours the Windows "FilesNoToBackup" registry key as documented here:


The full path to the key is:


While any application can add entries to this exclude list, many / most of them are defaults built into the OS by Microsoft and there's probably a good reason the files are not being backed up. Modify these settings at your peril.