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claim space in AVAMAR

AVAMAR utilization 96.3 % hi all , how can i delete or expire the backup to free space on the avamar since it is showing 96% utilization ? i have tried the command modify-snapups --mode=delete but still no effect appreciate your help people to free some space gsan is showing degraded because of this

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Re: claim space in AVAMAR

You might need to engage support on this. First, where is it showing the 96.3% - the GUI?

It might not just be the backups, it could be the metadata filling up. You cannot free up used metadata by deleting backups. Has a garbage collect run since?

Can you post the output of the following commands:

mccli server show-prop


mcserver.sh --status | grep -i metadataUtilization   (thanks to Saran_S for this!)

You can edit out any sensitive info like server names or IPs.