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ebrserver.pl not registering with virtual center


in our demo setup we've installed avamar 7.1.1-141.

We've added our virtual center server and made a backup of some VM's, all working fine.

But when we start "ebrserver.pl --init"


ebrdbmaint: INFO: Stopped the database.

ERROR: Failed to match requested line in tomcat config file at [/usr/local/avamar-tomcat/conf/server.xml]

ERROR: Failed to properly update tomcat config file [/usr/local/avamar-tomcat/conf/server.xml]

INFO: create symbolic links for EBR Server dependencies.


It's saying it's running:

root@avamar:/usr/local/avamar/var/ebr/server_data/prefs/#: ebrserver.pl --status

ebrserver: INFO: ebrdb is running.

But after a while, screen get's filled with "Please enter name of data file: No such file ......"

and we have to kill the ssh session.

But also when we login to the webclient. No EMC Backup plugin and when we take a look in the object browser there is no backup plugin to be found.

Anyone any idea what's going on here?



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Re: ebrserver.pl not registering with virtual center

Did you ever get this figured out? I am having the same issue and no idea what is causing it.

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