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move data from avamar to DataDomain


Avamar has reached 98% capacity usage. I have plenty of space available in DataDomain.

Is it possible to move data from avamar storage to DataDomomain and it still stays restorable?

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Re: move data from avamar to DataDomain

Our Avamar is not storing our backups, they are all being stored on Data Domain.

This may be a setup issue, should get an EMC ticket going.

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Re: move data from avamar to DataDomain


You can configure your avamar with data domain and write new backups directly to data domain. This will give you ample amount of time to reconfigure your avamar to fit your backup capacity.

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Re: move data from avamar to DataDomain

Hi Nitin,

There are multiple consideration here. first of all, what is the retention of data which is stored on Avamar?

To handle this situation, I will take below steps-

1. Identify different retention used? you might be using different retention period for different clients.

2. Select the data with minimum retention period.

3. From this list, identify the clients with bigger data sizes. All this information you can find from activity window or you can also use reports.

4. Once you find the clients with bigger data size, create new dataset and select target as data domain for the backups in the dataset. Use this dataset for new backup. it will start moving new backups to DD and you Avamar capacity will not grow.

Please note that we are not moving existing backups to DD by doing this. your older backups will be restorable from Avamar and you should not face any issue with restores.

In parallel, you should try few things to reduce space utilization on Avamar server.

1. Identify data with bigger data size and maximum retention period. Check with application owner if you can delete few backups. For example, if you have a client with 1 TB backup with retention 6 months, you may think of removing backups older than 5 months i.e. keep only 5 month backup.

2. Run script to delete partial backups. If you are not aware how to do it, engage EMC.

3. Check how many check points are available on Avamar. If its more than 2, you may consider deleting older checkpoints.

4. If Avamar server is a target for replication, try to remove some data from source Avamar. It will help to reduce utilization on target Avamar.

Hope this helps.


Pawan Kumawat