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not able to see filesystem mounted on avamar solaris client

Hello everyone;

I have a issue to see a mounted filesystem on avamar solaris client. Unix admin told me he mounted root path filesystem on avamar solaris client. I am able to see it by logging to unix server but not able to see it on dataset. 

unix server detail:

tonguyen@zonedwhs:/$ df -ah
Filesystem Size Used Available Capacity Mounted on
rpool/ROOT/solaris 22G 779M 21G 4% /
/dev 0K 0K 0K 0% /dev
/prod61_root 38G 106K 38G 1% /prod61_root
/u61 1.0T 831G 196G 81% /u61
/u62 133G 79G 51G 62% /u62
/u63 1.0T 755G 267G 74% /u63
/u64 1.0T 404G 631G 40% /u64
/u6app 34G 28G 5.8G 83% /u6app
/uprod 10G 6.1G 3.7G 63% /uprod

Any idea why? Thank you.

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