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How important is this file?

Who uses this file?

How important is it to have accuracy in this entry  ::--->  <uses allow=backup,replication,management"/>

If I need to edit probe.xml  "uses allow".  How would I go about it?


Joe Despres

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Re: probe.xml

This is a very important file and you should know what you want to achieve before trying to edit it. A faulty probe may affect backups and should cause issues in general. If you have access to the tech addendum then look for details of the command options related to "nodedb"

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Re: probe.xml

Also you should NEVER manually edit this file.

One slight mistake can have significant impact on your server's operation.

Use the nodedb command to make changes, and don't make idle changes without knowing exactly what you are doing and why.
If you have questions or believe you need something changed, please contact Support for assstance.