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trying to setup AD authentication (enterprise) with Ava 6.1.2_47

Was trying to setup enterprise authentication within Avamar 6.1.2_47, but the guides are not very clear anymore.
In the past we had to complete this by following instructions via CLI.
But now we have the procedure via CLI in the Avamar 6.1 Product Security Guide... but afterwards I'm still unable to add AD (LDAP) users via the Avamar Administrator.
Then I noticed another procedure via the GUI in the Avamar 6.1 Admin Guide.... so now it's not clear to me anymore which steps to follow.

Can someone turn on the lights for me 😉 ?

Please provide me with the right steps / the right procedure to go ahead ?

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Re: trying to setup AD authentication (enterprise) with Ava 6.1.2_47

In Avamar 6.1 and newer, there are two ways to configure LDAP authentication.

The command line avldap steps are for configuring legacy LDAP. This works as it did in previous versions.

Starting in Avamar 6.1, there is a new feature called "LDAP Maps". This feature allows you to configure LDAP through the GUI and "map" Avamar roles to groups in the directory service. This lets you simplify management -- if you want to grant permissions to a new user, you no longer have to create an account for them on the Avamar side, you just place them into the appropriate group in the directory service and they will be assigned the appropriate role.

One word of warning -- the LDAP maps feature doesn't work with command line avtar backups and restores or the Windows VSS System State Restore wizard (the bootable DR ISO image). You would have to use a built-in Avamar account for these operations or configure legacy LDAP.

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