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How to build a better architecture for bound vs outbound data ?

I liked the way Thomas Henson summarizes about outbound data in his blog post on the Big Data Dell EMC community.

He says transactional data sets are bound data, true and smart car sensors are outbound data.

  • Watching for cars in the parking lot and calculating where and when to walk
  • Ensuring I was holding my daughter’s hand and that she was still in step with me
  • Knowing the location of my car and path to get to car
  • Puddles, pot holes, and pedestrians to navigate

The data that is generated above is infinite and there are infinite possibilities. It is the way we do our basic tasks as we get up in the morning and lead our life. There is no end to it. Unless we have a specific problem at hand it is not worthwhile measuring all that data.

The classic question on the unstructured or the unbound data still remains "What do we want to ask or measure today". This is something we do not know yet. Cheers.

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