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So where is your Big Data pain?

Big Data is a growing market and there are now several products and services around. However, a product or service doesn't usually make the Solution. A Solution could be the application of several 'bits and pieces'. For us to be able to know what Solutions we should validate first (and e.g. write a white paper etc about), we want to prioritize them on 'business' needs.

What is the business looking for, where are the pain points?

Can you analyse all the data you want?

Do you have the skills, resources, tools to get the value out of your company's data?

Can you load all the data you want in the available time slot?

Can you backup and restore your data volumes?

Can you have a DR plan in place?

etc etc ...

What would YOU be looking for? What solution would remove your pain point and make a difference to your business?

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