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Build Automation and Emulex HBAs

I'm trying to automate my server build process but I haven't been able to get all of my required settings configured through the Emulex Winlpcfg.exe utility installed on a WinPE image.

Most of my servers are using Emulex LPe 1205-m HBAs to boot to SAN.

Does anyone know how to configure the PLOGI Retry Timer using WinLpCfg.exe? Is there another utility (running on either WinPE or a Linux live CD image) which I can use to configure the HBAs?


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RE: Build Automation and Emulex HBAs


No, there is no Plogi retry timer in Windows FC/FCoE driver. The Emulex offline utilities manual on page 5 does not show anything PLOGI commands. The link below is the manual for using any of Emulex offline utilities.http://www-dl.emulex.com/support/utilities/elxflash/documentation/519/offline_utilities_manual.pdf


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