CMC 6.0 Compatibility

Has anyone experienced any CMC 6.0 compatibility issues?  We got a new M1000e preloaded with CMC v6.0 and none of my M630's are able to be recognized (or even powered on) when inserted into the chassis.  Granted, these M630's are not running the latest and greatest iDRAC, BIOS or other component firmware versions so that's making me wonder if there is some sort of firmware or BIOS version compatibility issue with CMC 6.0. 

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this before I start a ticket with Dell.



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Re: CMC 6.0 Compatibility

Older BIOS and firmwares shouldn't prevent the (latest) CMC firmware from recognizing the M630's. 

One thing could be incompatible mezzanine cards in the blades (e.g. FC HBA in fabric B, when fabric B has ethernet switches or passthrough modules in it).

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