CMC / Chassis Group membership issues after 4.50 upgrade

We had to upgrade from CMC firmware 4.45 to 4.50 this past week to fix a bug that was causing a blade to behave strangely.  After we upgraded the firmware on all of our chassis we saw that our Chassis group was no longer functional.  On the group page we see "Member 1 Inconsistent role".  In the CMC log on the Chassis that is the leader we see "Member 1 could not join the Chassis Group".  Anyone seen this?  This is a minor annoyance right now, if it becomes major, or once we're through some other large projects we've got going I may open a ticket with support, but wondered if anyone has seen this issue and if there might be an easy fix.  Thanks.

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RE: CMC / Chassis Group membership issues after 4.50 upgrade

I figured out a solution to this after I ran into the same problem.  

You have to log into each chassis group members CMC and remove it from the existing group (Chassis Overview > Setup > Group Administration > Change "Role" to "None").  

Once all of your member chassis are set to none, you should be able to add them back to a group from the Leader's CMC.

Hope this helps.

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