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Compatibility question on M8024 & M8024-k

We have Broadcom 57711 Mezzanine cards installed in our blades (Socket B) on a M1000e chassis. The person who originally set this up was planning to use 10G PassThru modules to connect to our switches, having been told by someone that they would negotiate down to 1Gb. Wrong!

So, the questions is, will the 57711 boards work with the M8024-k Switches, or do we have to get the older M8024 instead? The documentation on the M8024-k doesn't specifically say, it talks about the 57712-k NDC, and "future 10G adapters", but says it will work with 1Gb Mezz cards.

Thanks for your help!
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Re: Compatibility question on M8024 & M8024-k

Hi tlhaas0000,

The mezz cards/LOMs and the switches must be the same to talk to each other. For instance, all XAUI-based together and all KR-based together. Unfortunately, in your case, the 57711 will need the M8024 to talk to each other. The KR-based products are designated with the -k notation.  

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