Configuration of Quad Port Network adaptor in Dell M1000e

I need expert advise on my below queries

M620 servers are having Dual Port 10G network LOM & Quad Port Gigabit on Mezzanine 1, redundant M8024-K switches are installed on A1 & A2 and M6220 on B1 & B2 in the Blade Chassis.

The issue is 10g network cards in OS are not showing the connectivity with M8024-K switches and 2 x Gigabit NIC instead of Quad Port are showing the connectivity with M6220 switches (NIC 1 is connected with B2 and NIC 4 is connected to B1), how will connect the all four gigabit ports with M6220 switches (B1 & B2) and two 10G ports will connect to M8024-K switches (A1 & A2)?

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RE: Configuration of Quad Port Network adaptor in Dell M1000e

Which blades do you use? If they are half height (e.g. M520, M620), you'll never be able to use more than 2 of those 4 1Gbit ports with an M6220 in the chassis. The M6220 only has 20 ports (hence it's model number ending in 20); 4 external and 16 internal - 1 to each blade slot.

For example. Assuming this is blade 1, mezzanine card B port 1 goes to switch B1 port 1, NIC port 2 goes to switch B2 port 1, NIC ports 3 and 4 don't go anywhere and will show disconnected.

If you were to upgrade the M6220s to M6348s (16 external ports and 32 internal ports), NIC port 3 would go to port 17 on switch B1 and NIC port 4 would go to port 17 on switch B2 (the external ports are ports 33 to 48).

As for the 10Gbit NICs not linking to the M8024-K switches, this may be due to a driver issue (as in; you may need a newer driver for the NIC).

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