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DHCP Relay Failing for M620 Blades; Unable to contact TFTP server

I have two M620's and an M600 in a M1000e chassis.  I'm using dhcp relay to direct DHCP broadcasts to my ISC DHCP server (running Centos 6).

This setup works fine for the M600.  It PXE boots, pulls its IP and boot image, and builds.

Strangely, it does not work for either of the M620's.  They get an IP address, and then cannot contact the TFTP server to download the image:

I noticed that there are two gateways shown, and the first is incorrect.  I'm presuming it's attempting to use this address, and failing.  The first IP listed (.11) is the relay agent.  The .1 address is the actual gateway.  The M600 (working blade) only shows the .1 address as its gateway.

The TFTP server is running, and there are no firewall rules between the M620 and the TFTP server. (I can pull the boot image from the M620 via TFTP if I boot up into its OS).  I attempted to update the firmware on on of the two M620 blades, and it did not help.  I'm trying to figure out how that extra gateway address is getting in there.  I ran tcpdump, and the .11 address is passed as the Relay Agent IP, not the gateway.  So I'm not sure how it's getting in there.

Here is the M620 state (not working):

...and the M600 (working):

All three blades are in the same chassis, and on the same network.  It doesn't seem to make sense that the older blade would work, while the newer ones wouldn't.  Any idea what would cause them to behave this way?

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Re: DHCP Relay Failing for M620 Blades; Unable to contact TF

Was this ever resolved?  It just started happening to me. 

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