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Dell Balde M1000e

ear all,

we have Dell Blade Server M1000e, 13 Servers 3 full height and 10 half height, I/O switches are A1,A2 B1B2 are MXL Blade switches and C1,C2 are Brocade Fiber switches.

half height servers are PowerEdge M630 Blade Server 

with 1. QLogic 57810-k Dual port 10Gb 

        2.QLogic 57810-k Dual port 10Gb KR CNA Mezz Card for M-Series Blades

        3. Emulex LPM16002 16Gbps Fibre Channel I/O Card

and the Full height is PowerEdge M820, Blade Server

        with 1.Broadcom 57810-k Dual port 10Gb KR 

              2.Emulex LPM16002 16Gbps Fibre Channel I/O Card

the Problem is at the first startup we got this message for full height servers only

"A fabric mismatch detected for mezzanine card B1 Dell Blade"

and the full height servers only cannot power on they keep red blinking 

what is the issue?

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