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FX2s/FC630 iDRAC fan speed behavior

I have a FX2s chassis that currently has three FC630 blades installed. All are running current firmware except for the iDRAC until yesterday. I upgraded the iDRACs in all servers to, and a while later, I noticed that the chassis was noisier than usual. When I looked at the CMC, I found that all fans were at 50%, which didn't seem right.

I reverted all iDRACs to and after everything re-initialized and the CMC brought the fan speeds down, they settled in at 20% and stayed that way.

I re-upgraded the iDRACs again this morning to confirm the behavior and saw the same exact thing. After the upgrade to 2.70, chassis fans at 50%. After reverting to 2.63, they settled in at 20%.

Any ideas why 2.70 is causing the chassis fans to run at 50% when they don't need to be running that high?

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Hardware profiling can change with iDRAC/LCC updates. It is not something that is typically mentioned in the release notes. I would make sure all hardware is up to date.

I doubt this will make a difference, but you can look at the third party fan response setting. Third party fan response will typically cause the minimum fan speeds to go higher than what you are experiencing, so I don't think the fan increase is related. You can try changing the setting though. There is also a fan speed offset setting. Fan speed offset allows you to increase the minimum fan speed. I doubt either of those settings will change anything, it sounds like a profile change with the firmware.

The ThirdPartyPCIFanResponse is covered on page 263 of the RACADM CLI guide. I think it can only be modified via command line.


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I'll take a look at that when I have a minute. I don't have the fan offset enabled in the CMC, so I doubt it's that. More likely you're right and it's a profile change in the firmware, which is not cool and would certainly stop me from running 2.70. Some explanation from 'those in the know' would be nice... There is no reason to up the fan speeds from 20% to 50% when the servers and chassis have been quite happy running at 20%.


I can confirm this feature in

I have multiple PowerEdges and all do the same, fan speed rise from 20% to 50%. No other changes made than iDRAC fw update.


Is this not just the blade enclosures like the FX2/FX2s, but all poweredge servers, including the 'R' and 'T' servers as well?


I can confirm that I see this same behavior in T430 (tower config), reverting to prior iDRAC firmware returns fan speeds to normal.  This appears to be a bug.


I did manage once to get the fans at normal speed with latest firmware after randomly changing fan settings and profiles in idrac but after removing power on the server the problem came back. After 2 hours of trying to replicate the fix I gave up and reverting to old firmware....


I reverted back to the previous version too - hopefully Dell will come out with something to address this 'behavior'.


I tried changing the setting System.ThermalSettings.ThirdPartyPCIFanResponse (it was set = 1, changed to = 0) but there was no difference.

Fans are running at 60% regardless of whether the server is under load or not.  Changing the thermal profile to Minimum power brings them down to a constant 40%.

A downgrade of the iDRAC resolves the fan issue but creates another problem at boot where the UEFI secure boot is out of sync with BIOS, worked with support for a while today and their solution is to replace the motherboard.  Seems a little ridiculous that a mobo replacement is needed for what is obviously a iDRAC FW issue.  Hoping more people will see and report this so it can be fixed.

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I have just encountered the same abnormal fan behavior on a T330 after upgrading to iDRAC8, and changing the power profile and fan speed offsets had no effect (except to make it worse, depending on the setting).  After rollback to, fan speeds went back to normal.

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