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FX2s/FC630 iDRAC fan speed behavior

I have a FX2s chassis that currently has three FC630 blades installed. All are running current firmware except for the iDRAC until yesterday. I upgraded the iDRACs in all servers to, and a while later, I noticed that the chassis was noisier than usual. When I looked at the CMC, I found that all fans were at 50%, which didn't seem right.

I reverted all iDRACs to and after everything re-initialized and the CMC brought the fan speeds down, they settled in at 20% and stayed that way.

I re-upgraded the iDRACs again this morning to confirm the behavior and saw the same exact thing. After the upgrade to 2.70, chassis fans at 50%. After reverting to 2.63, they settled in at 20%.

Any ideas why 2.70 is causing the chassis fans to run at 50% when they don't need to be running that high?

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Same issue with Poweredge R230. After the upgrade ( the minimum fan speed at idle is 50% (messing with system/thermal profiles doesn't change the idle fan speed) whereas if I downgrade to ( the minimum fan speed at idle returns to normal (22%). But now every time I need to reboot the server i got this iDRAC error "UEFI0315" regarding the secure key (even though secure boot is disabled), though resuming boot order (F1) the system boots normaly. With the new iDRAC FW the error at boot does not occur, system boots normaly.


Same here on our R630's. This is most likely because we have non Dell branded Intel NIC's that arnt reporting back to iDRAC, and the thermal profile has changed increasing the fan speeds. You should see a message in the system logs identifying that you have a third party card and that iDRAC has changed the response of the fans. We dont have this issue on other servers that dont have third party cards in it with 2.70.70.

I have tried disabling the ThirdPartyPCIe fan response setting. It does lower the speed of the fans, but they are still higher than with response on in iDRAC 2.63.60. I also get the Secure Keys message after downgrading (but only on BIOS 2.11). Dell needs to fix this!

Its almost as if iDRAC is ignoring the thermal profile setting. We have ours set to Minimum Power. I have yet to try changing this to a different setting and then back again, perhaps when i get some time.

The only solution is to downgrade back to iDRAC 2.63 or replace your "Third Party" component.


Interesting find - that could be related in some cases, but in my case, two of my FC630's, the ones running VMWare, have no addon cards of any kind, Just the Dell Quad port 10Gb NIC and Dell PCIe bridge for the FX2s chassis. One has two Dell 12Gbps HBAs. The only one that could apply to is my backup/BlueIris server, which has an 'unknown' dual port Broadcom PCIe NIC and a dual 8Gbps FC HBA that may or may not be Dell. In my case, it doesn't matter which server gets upgraded, the increased fan speed applies. Unless somehow the iDRAC in 'Slot 1' knows something about the PCIe cards attached to 'Slot 3' and is doing something with the fans because of that...


The easiest way to check is to look at your Lifecycle log for this event:

New PCI card(s) have been detected in the system. Fan speeds may have changed to add additional cooling to the cards.

I tried different temperature profiles in iDRAC for the fans - nothing changes. It goes from being 23% of max (PWM) to 53% of max after upgrading to 2.70! Disabling ThirdPartyPCIFanResponse lowers it only to 48% of max, still way too high!

This can happen not only with NIC's, but any third party device that iDRAC doesnt have a thermal profile for, such as disk drives, video cards, etc.

Dell, can you please fix your firmware and go back to the thermal profile that was in 2.63?? I am not sure why this even happened, since iDRAC is monitoring the exhaust temperature, which isnt even anywhere near close to the max value. Why do you have to increase the fan speed to more than double what it was under the previous firmware!?


Cam, agreed - if no hardware has changed and the only change has been a firmware update, I can't see why the fan speeds need to change so much.


just upgraded two R330 servers and am experiencing the same. Considering that this thread is almost 4 months old it is clear to me that Dell doesn't care about it. The solution to only buy Dell products or we will harass you with loud sound seems to me to be grounds for a <Non-public info removed> that would include every server owner out there. I tried to roll the IDRAC back but the OS (2012R2) hangs remotely, and trust me that I am not driving 40 miles every time I need to reboot just to hit F1. The client is complaining about the loud fan noise. The are swearing they will never buy another Dell product - which considering that they have a big order they were just getting ready to send in is a fitting justice for this issue. The drives that are probably causing the issue are being detected as Dell drives but not Dell Certified drives. The fan speed has been fine for the last 2 years although they do go to ballistic on start up but that is only for a moment. 




wouldn't it be great if Dell would fix this



please can you try to downgrade idrac firmware to a previous version? You can use iDRAC interface or via OS. 


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sorry but when I downgrade the IDRAC version, the server hangs after a reboot with the dreaded uefi drive error, and I have to drive in 10 miles to the clients office to hit F1. If you care about Global Warming, which Dell says is so important, then slow the fans back down and stop jamming everyone with fans wasting so much power.You know what the cause is, fix it.

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