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FX2s/FC630 iDRAC fan speed behavior

I have a FX2s chassis that currently has three FC630 blades installed. All are running current firmware except for the iDRAC until yesterday. I upgraded the iDRACs in all servers to, and a while later, I noticed that the chassis was noisier than usual. When I looked at the CMC, I found that all fans were at 50%, which didn't seem right.

I reverted all iDRACs to and after everything re-initialized and the CMC brought the fan speeds down, they settled in at 20% and stayed that way.

I re-upgraded the iDRACs again this morning to confirm the behavior and saw the same exact thing. After the upgrade to 2.70, chassis fans at 50%. After reverting to 2.63, they settled in at 20%.

Any ideas why 2.70 is causing the chassis fans to run at 50% when they don't need to be running that high?

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Thanks for the reply

I have so far tested 2.75, 2.70, 2.65, 2.61 with no effect on fan speed. Did these tests on the back of the actions reported in this thread. I have now set the BIOS to the High Density server profile which has reduced the fan speed to about 48% but still not far enough considering the temperature is still low so should not be triggered. 

Is there a particular version you recommend testing? 





Could you refer to page 8 release notes?

154998: Fixed an issue that was causing higher fan speeds after iDRAC firmware was updated to version in systems with software RAID configuration.
Hope this helps and have a good one.


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