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Flexaddress Technology

in fact this is greatest idae from dell , but i have question , for instance if I enable flexaddress on all eight slots then I need install three servers more and rearrange the servers on the chassis , is still the server keep the same WWN .if server 1 was on slot 1 with enabled flex address then aftera while alter its position to slot 8 ,
does the WWN still reserved for the specfic server ?
no change the zone in case change the server slot .
please your advice .
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Re: Flexaddress Technology

To the best of my understanding, flex addressing is assigned to each PHYSICAL slot on the chassis. So if you replace a server, for example, on Slot1 that new replacement will inherit the addressing assigned to Slot1. Make sense?

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Re: Flexaddress Technology

Yes, that is correct. FlexAddress if enabled keeps the MAC/WWN for the physical slot in the chassis and doesn't move with the blade.

More about FlexAddress (and FlexAddress Plus) can be found in the CMC Users Guide:


There is also a whitepaper available here:



Andreas Erson

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