How to setup CMC daisy chain? Can iKVM be cascaded?

1. We follow the user guide to daisy chain 3 M1000e CMC but can not manage whole 48 blades from each one of CMC. We already updated the F/W of CMC in the same version. Does each CMC need to have its own fix ip? Do we need to use crossover cable? Do we need to configure CMC for daisy chain? Or any other possibility cause the daisy chain is not working?
2. Can we cascade the iKVM of M1000e to share single K/B, LCD and Mouse?
Please advise and share your opinion, Thanks!
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RE: How to setup CMC daisy chain? Can iKVM be cascaded?

1. The CMC chaining doesn't do anything to consolidate management or IPs. It simply reduces the amount of switch ports you need and cabling back to a switch. Each CMC (or pair assuming you have two CMCs in a single chassis) needs its own IP. You can basically think of the CMC as having a built-in switch. There is one port down towards the switch, one towards an chained chassis and one internally towards the actual CMC brains.

2. I don't think there is anyway to connect the iKVMs together directly. However with a Dell/Avoccent KVM you can chain all of them back to that KVM and use it to manage all of them.
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