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Ideas/Info Regarding Hosting Providers/Data Centers In Ireland (Connectivity/Servers)

Just having a few thoughts about servers, network connections for a small business.
What servers would be a good choice for a new data center, hosting provider, scalable solutions.

I like the new blade series but how to get that type of finance starting out, no idea.

What type of internet providers are suitable for these type of companies in Ireland?
Does UPC provide dedicated network connections for businesses like data centers and hosting companies?

I'm new to server technology, although i have managed Dell Power Edge servers remotely, i have never handled one.
Over the years I've grown accustom to certain tools that help me in web development, usually on Linux based servers.
I have offered these services to others as i trust my service providers are reliable or i wouldn't be using them myself.

When i started, I'd rent reseller hosting packages which were perfect and cost efficient as i could host my own projects.
But in a professional environment, a web hosting company wouldn't offer accounts from a remote reseller package?
Have their own storage/center where they can provide these services themselves, that's where i would like to be.

I don't see why every city shouldn't have their own data center for businesses in their local area.

Some companies rent and manage their servers remotely, good for running a hosting company / data center?
My providers rent the servers from data centers and resell them, that is good because the main data center
doesn't offer support service so going through the reseller is good, they provide the support we needed.

There are units all over our city and across the country, nobody renting them, for at least 8 years in some cases,
Some businesses last one year not because they were bad business ideas but they were not in the right location.
On the other hand, a data center is not somewhere you would walk into every day to go shopping, is it?
You could order online and know your server, web sites other content is stored securely in a local data center.

I just think it would be a great opportunity and venture for a new company.

If I had money to put all these technologies together..

Any advice, ideas, info greatly appreciated


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Re: Ideas/Info Regarding Hosting Providers/Data Centers In Ireland (Connectivity/Servers)

Not one person can advise me?

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Re: Ideas/Info Regarding Hosting Providers/Data Centers In Ireland (Connectivity/Servers)

What would you do?

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