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M1000e - PowerEdge M620 - Latest BCM57810 firmware (08.07.25)

I'm working with a PowerEdge M620 blade server. In this server we have two embedded QLogic BCM57810 (fabric A) and a mezzanine card: dual Qlogic BCM57810 (fabric B).

With firmware 7.12.19 I noticed that the POST phase "Initializing firmware interfaces..." took more or less 12 seconds to complete. This phase ends when the system says: "Initialization complete." and goes on.

With the latest FastLinQ firmware 08.07.25 the POST phase "Initializing firmware interfaces..." takes a lot of time: more or less 1 minute and 40 seconds to complete.

I don't know if this can be considered a normal behaviour. Someone at Dell can confirm that this is not a problem and also that the 08.07.25 firmware is production ready. I'm asking because the BCM57810 card is known for its problems due to the faulty VMQ implementation in older firmwares (released in 2014 and beginning of 2015).

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