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M1000e and 10GBE iSCSI SAN

I have an M1000e with 10 blades, 2x 6220s, and 4 x M6348s.

Have set up some ports on 6348s in an iscsi VLAN, including the 1 10GBE (XG1 and XG2).

The SAN (not EQL) units are connected directly to the 6348s via the XG1/2 ports, at 10GB speed...

All Blades have 10 1GB/s NICS

What is the best way to set up the Blades to connect to the SAN from within windows (win 2k8 R2) to get maximum throughput?

Is there something additional which needs to be done on the switches (where we have enabled Flow control and ensured all points along the (short) network path have got Jumbo Frames enabled - 9216 on the switch..?

I have notices that the command "show iscsi" on the switch stack gives the following output, what does this mean? Where can one set this up, is it necessary?

"BS_Stack_02#show iscsi
iSCSI disabled
iSCSI vpt is 5
Session aging time: 10 min
Maximum number of sessions is 192
iSCSI Targets and TCP Ports:
TCP Port Target IP Address Name
860 Not Configured Not Configured
3260 Not Configured Not Configured)
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