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M1000e and FC Passthrogh - firmware faulted?


We have a M1000e running, and I recently installed 2x FC8PT modules (8Gbit FC Passthrough).

They were both mounted in the slots C1 and C2. The bottom LEDs indiace that all is OK; green and blue LED is On.

I also installed a Qlogic QLM2572 card in a M610 blade, and installed necessary drivers etc. The cards were detected, all good so far. I mounted a new multimode LC cable from the PT module to our FC switch.

But no link?

There is no light in the PT port - and the LED lights is both flashing. The manual says that two flashing LEDs means firmware fault. Ok, no panic so far :)

I updated CMC firmware, and M610 bios. I also downloaded latest firmware for the Qlogic card, and updated it. But still, the lights are blinking, and no link.

Any ideas guys?

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Re: M1000e and FC Passthrogh - firmware faulted?

Please try to replace FC PTH sfp+ module with finisar vendor test.

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