M420 Blades - How to maximize RAM?

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I've got 6 of these in production now, and have suffered one DIMM failure so far.  I am looking at purchasing 4 more with maximum RAM (192G). 

Using the on line configurator I am told that:

 The M420 Blade supports a maximum of three (3) DIMMs with one CPU or six (6) DIMMs with two CPUs.

In order to get the 192GB using the single option provided by the website (16GB DIMM) I will need 12, but the M420 contains only 6 DIMM slots.  What magic is required to cram 12sticks into 6 slots?

Or is the 196G maximum just a lie?

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RE: M420 Blades - How to maximize RAM?

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I am testing out the DELL CHAT to see if I can get an answer.

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Connected with Treona Phillips

Treona tells me that there is a 32GB DIMM option that the configurator does not list.   Why?  Are the 32G DIMMs not in stock?

Treona says she does not know why the part does not show up, but she could quote it.  OK then there it is.  I have to use a live agent to get that maximum RAM configuration.