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M520 (VRTX) Drivers for OS Deployment iDRAC failure

Preparing to install Win Server 2016.  Doing firmware updates.  BIOS, iDRAC, Lifecycle Controller, & Network firmware all updated fine (with reboot).  All installed via current Win Server 2012 R2 OS.  Ran Drivers for OS Deployment update and it ran for an hour before returning an error saying it was unable to update, reboot and try again.  So I did.  iDRAC never started up again.  Was able to initially bypass errors and boot again, tried running both OS Deployment & iDRAC updates with no luck.  Removed blade and drained flea power.  Blade no longer is able to power up.  Any suggestions?  Is there a way to reset the iDRAC?

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Re: M520 (VRTX) Drivers for OS Deployment iDRAC failure


Resetting the iDRAC will just clear configuration values, it should not affect the iDRAC's ability to initialize. I'm not aware of a way to clear the iDRAC if it does not initialize. Here is an article on how to reset the iDRAC to defaults. Aside from what is mentioned in the article, you should also be able to perform an LC wipe to clear the iDRAC. All of the methods I'm aware of require the iDRAC to be initialized and functional.


I suggest trying a few more times to get the iDRAC to initialize. If you can get it to initialize and boot then I suggest deleting all firmware backups. The OS driver pack is a large file, and there is limited storage for firmware backups. You may be encountering a space issue while trying to install the driver pack. The LCC is designed to automatically delete backups as needed, but it may be encountering issues freeing up space to install the driver pack.


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