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M610X blade hard drive was not powered on

I loaded OMSA onto an M610X blade and it showed a warning on my virtual drive. It was marked as Degraded. When I drilled down on the virtual drive it only showed me one physical disk. When I visually checked the blade I noticed there were no lights on the drive, no error light/activity light and no power light. There were no errors logged in iDRAC or the server. This system has been in use for more than 6 months, has been powered off and back on as well as rebooted.

I reseated the drive and it powered on and started to resync itself right away.

How can this situation occur without something being logged somewhere? A power cycle should attempt to power the drive or post an error. The controller should have posted an error when it rebooted about a degraded virtual drive.

Is there something I'm missing or is this unusual behavior?



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Re: M610X blade hard drive was not powered on

Hi Kevin,

The degraded virtual drive message should have appeared during system startup/post underneath the PERC BIOS Utility message. A degraded virtual drive would also be reported via OMSA, which you saw once you loaded OMSA.

What is your RAID configuration and how many drives in your RAID config? A degraded virtual drive will continue to run until you replace or fix the member in question. For instance, a RAID 1 with two drives will run in degraded state if only one drive goes down. So the underlying OS might not report an error because the virtual drive is still present. Again, it won't be reported unless you have OMSA or you actually see the degraded virtual drive message during post.  



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