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M630 Firmware update on m1000e Chasis and Qlogic HBA

Hi There,

One of my customer has m1000e chasis and running on 6 unit m630 server with hyper-v platform.

I got 2 questions;

First one is Qlogic HBA Problem;

When the m630 servers are reboot,always Qlogic hba cards seem disable and after every reboot process I have to enable manually over again.How can ı fix this problem?

Second one is m630 firmware update operation for Microsoft upgrade

I need to make firmware update to those servers.At this point ı would like to know that is there any specific point that ı must be careful during the update process?

For instance ;Shall ı make a firmware update for switches because ı made a servers update?

I mean are the components in the chassis affecting each other?

İf ı get feedback as soon as possible.I'll be appreciated.


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