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Not connected networkcards on M6220


We got a M1000e with two M610 servers and two M6220 switch. In windows I got 6 LAC but the 4 is not connected. I can't see what i have setup wrong.
The got two M6220 switch so i got at backup, therefor i got two lan cables to both and to cables to both from I MD3000i.

Hope that is the rigth info and hope you can help.


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RE: Not connected networkcards on M6220

Confused ... You have additional ethernet mezzazine adapters in the M610's to give you a total of 6 ethernet ports from each blade ?

This doc should help with the flow of the connections --> http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/pedge/en/blade_io_solutions_guide_v1.2_jn.pdf

If you only have two switches you'll only be able to connect 2 physical ports from each of the blades. You have to have switches in all 6 module fabrics in the rear to physically connect all 6 ports.

Make sense ?
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