Poweredge M610 network cable unplugged

Hi everyone,

I am having trouble with our new M1000e chassis.

The chassis is filled up with PE M610 servers and all appear to be working on the CMC with no errors. I can access all machines through the iDRAC or through the remote console.

The only problem we are facing now is that 3 of the PE M610 cannot connect to the Internet, and show that the network cable is unplugged. I have checked the servers on different slots and they worked perfectly fine. The problem seems to stick with the individual slots (7,8,15).

The chassis uses an M8024-k 10GBe switch which is connected to one of our 10GB switches.

Please does anyone have any suggestions to help with this issue, and if you need any more info I will gladly give it to you.


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RE: Poweredge M610 network cable unplugged

Sorry about the late reply, but I hadn't checked the Dell forums in a while due to work load.

You may want to check the switch port settings. If the port is shutdown, then the blade will show the link as unplugged.

If you have a blade with a quad NIC on the motherboard, or a quad NIC in a mezzanine slot, and that fabric is where the M8024k switches are located, 2 of the 4 network ports will never be able to show a link-up. To use quad port NICs in Dell's M1000e chassis, you need a switch with 32 internal ports. Currently, if memory serves, the ethernet switch options for this are:

- M6348 (1Gbit switch)

- MXL (10Gbit switch)

- IO Aggregator (10Gbit IO concentrator (similar in hardware to the MXL, but dumbed down to just do a port-channel combining all external ports into a single port-channel (number 128) with all vlans tagged except vlan 1, and all internal ports (to blade servers) also tagged for all vlans except vlan 1 (as it is untagged)).

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