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VLAN for iSCSI HBA on Qlogic CNA and ESXi 5.1

Hi All,

I have been trying to see if I can get my iSCSI HBA to work properly.

I have a qlogic CNA 8242-k - in my M620 blade. One of the partitions can be either iscsi or NIC. If I use NIC then configure software iscsi adapter I can get everything working fine.

If I choose iscsi then I cant find how to set a VLAN for the partition marked as HBA. The switch is configured for a converged port with the vlans for vmware and storage all added to the allowed list.

For it to work as software iscsi I configure the port group with the right vlan and its all ok.

But storage adapters cant be added to a port group and I cant see any option to set it to the right vlan or to be able to specify that traffic from that vlan should go to the iscsi partition.

any ideas?



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