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[VRTX] Blade server Model is N/A status on VRTX C.M.C

Observed that first Bladed Server Model number is not acknowledged on VRTX C.M.C (chassis management controller) and displaying N/A status. Refer to attached picture uploaded. 

<removed picture, don't post service tags>


what action taken was replacing main-board, Mezzaine Card and Swap CPU by Dell customer service. 

But did not fix this issue. 


Here is summarized system information. 

-Blade Server model : M630

-Bios Firmware : 2.8.0

- IDrec Firmware :

- CMC Firmware : 3.10, A00


please advise if anyone encounter this issue before. 





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Re: [VRTX] Blade server Model is N/A status on VRTX C.M.C


I suggest that you perform steps to fault isolate the issue. Check to see if the system is correctly reporting the model in the M630 iDRAC. Continue isolating the problem as much as possible to narrow down the possible points of failure. You can also test the system by itself in the chassis and test it in other slots.


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Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

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