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buying m1000e


I dont know if this is the right place, but ill put my question here.

our company is small and growing, and we are looking for some high computation servers (cpu intensive), for new prof of concept project.

We don't have any experience with blade servers, so i would like to get some directions and help. We are  a small company (we don't have dedicated IT , case we do all the work so we are looking for a small maintenance as possible )


we though of  m1000e  blade server, probably for 910 blades with 4 xeon and 256 gb ram, for less maintainability, (less computers less problems)

but we require a small and fast storage approx 4 TB Fixed data to store read only data (if possible 3gbs and above)

and another 4TB for writing (lots of small files)

what storage module we should pick?

the blades  will connect to our network via 1gb \10gb connections. 

what network module we should pick?

at first stage we are looking for one full blade, but later of all will go well we might add at least two more.



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Re: buying m1000e


The biggest difference in choosing a blade over a rack or tower server is input power. I don't think our M1000e will function with 120v. I suggest reviewing specifications in the manual. You may need to have an electrician review the power requirements. It also puts off a lot of heat and is loud. It is designed for a datacenter, so make sure wherever you are planning to put it has adequate cooling and is an area where noise is not an issue. You can find documentation on the M1000e support page.



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