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m1000e NIC question

My company has recently purchased a M1000e blade enclosure with fabric a, b and c, it has 5 blades.

fabric a is cisco ws-cbs3130G-S

fabric b is cisco ws-cbs3130G-S

fabric c is brocade M5424 8Gbps FC

This is my first attempt at installing blade technologies and I'm unsure of what a certain NIC is.

After installing ESX on the blades, the NIC config appears as:

vmnic0 - embedded NIC 1
vmnic1 - embedded NIC 2
vmnic 2 - MEZZ2_FAB_B
vmnic 3 - N/A

vmnic0 and vmnic1 are my fabric a & b
vmnic 2 is my fabric c

what is vmnic3????

Kind regards,

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RE: m1000e NIC question

Hi Roy,

What are your blade servers- M610s, M710s or M910s? What are cards in Mezz B and C in your servers?

Have you taken a look at the Dell Blades IO doc?

Go to: http://www.delltechcenter.com/page/IO_Infrastructure -> PowerEdge M-Series Blades I/O Guide <>



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