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2008 Server reports files on Shared LUN are Corrupted

Hello. I am trying to build a two node SQL 2008 Server x64 Cluster. I was having trouble getting the two servers to access the AX4 but that has been solved, thanks to "chiodp" in a recent post to this forum.

However, After setting up the two servers (they are not yet a cluster) and providing them with access to the shared LUN on the AX4, they report that the files residing on the shared LUN are corrupted. My build has changed a little bit after doing more reading:

Device: AX4-5i with SAS drives. (Working properly.)
Virtual Disk/Shared LUN: 60GB RAID5 (name: SHARELUN1)
2 Physical DELL Servers: Windows 2008 SP2 Enterprise x64 / SQL 2008 x64 (All updates/drivers applied.)
Each server has a 2-port Broadcom iSCSI PCIe-4x card. (Working properly.)
Navisphere Server Utility
PowerPath 5.3.b311

Done so far for both servers.
1. Installed Windows Server 2008 Ent x64. / Joined servers to Domain
2. iSCSI Initiator Service is ON.
3. Installed Navisphere Server Utility (Defaults selected and configured access to the AX4 and logged in.)
4. Installed Powerpath 5.3; Reboot.
5. On the AX4 in Navisphere Express: Selected Virt Disk/LUN; Assigned both servers to the LUN.
6. Disk is now visible on both nodes. I ran diskmgmt.msc on each node and initialized disk.
7. Formatted disk on each node; Assigned drive letter "F:\" on both servers.
8. I copied test files to the new "F:\" drive on both servers.
9. Reboot. After reboot, servers report files on F:\ are corrupt when I try to access them.

My question is, am I missing any step?

Thank you in advance for any help.
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Re: 2008 Server reports files on Shared LUN are Corrupted

Hi Again ,
the corruption is normal expect behavior , you have no cluster service setup .
You need to have the cluster service enable to avoid the data corruption .
Cluster service will install a service Clustdisk this will manage the lock between the two nodes and avoid any corruption on the share resource .
You need to proceed in this way :

- turn off one node
- Install the cluster service on the other node
- configure the cluster service and the share resources
- Power on the second node and join the cluster

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Re: 2008 Server reports files on Shared LUN are Corrupted

Your advice did the trick. THANK YOU!!!
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