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AX4 Flare and Navimanager Upgrade Question

I am planning several AX4 upgrades, all at remote sites. 

I will be uprading the flare, and then upgrading from naviexpress to navimanager. My question is - do these upgrades cause any interruption to data on the SAN? We have an ESX cluster attached to the SAN and both ESX hosts have connections to SPA and SPB on the SAN.

Will this be seamless or should I plan for an outtage during this time? I am assuming that the flare upgrade will reboot each SP separately, but I am not sure about the navimanager portion.


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Re: AX4 Flare and Navimanager Upgrade Question

FLARE Upgrade is an NDU (Non-Disruptive Upgrade) which can be done online with out any down time. Having said that, I assume here that Failover and multipathing policies are accurate LUNs will trespass and fail back as it should. Even though this is an NDU, I personally suggest my customers to plan this activity during off hours to avoid last minute chaos

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Re: AX4 Flare and Navimanager Upgrade Question

Flare upgrade will reboot each SP in turn.

NaviExpress to Full Navisphere will require each SP to reboot - same is flare upgrade.

Ankit's note above is correct - make sure each host as multiple paths to each SP (if using two HBA's per host) and that the hosts have failover software and that it has been tested.


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