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Hi all,
i had to re-install management workstation (call-home) due to hardware fault.
The version installed is "CLARalert".
My problem is that i can't modify SITE INFORMATION.
I can set "dial back information" but not the "site name" so i can't save INFORMATION about my site!!!!

thx in advance...
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Here an answer posted in a another forum :
ConnectEMC was upgraded to version to 4.02.04 in the R29 CLARalert kit. This ConnectEMC version was built primarily for Symmetrix which doesn¿t allow the Site Name, Serial Number, and Model fields to be edited. When this regression from the previous ConnectEMC version CLARiiON was using was discovered it was too late to make a change to R29 CLARalert. These fields have no impact on the data that is sent home in a call home file because the data in these fields is not used in the call home file. The R29 CLARalert CPG procedures where also changed, the step to populate this field was removed.

The next ConnectEMC version 5.x.x will have this regression fixed and will be picked up by CLARalert for the next major CLARalert release sometime in Q2 2010.

So this info are not require anymore for this version and you can skipp it .

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