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CX3-10 SPE and SP part numbers

We currently have two CX3s that are in various states of disrepair, and without any associated maintenance (yikes).

Alas it is my job to try and breath some life in to them and try and keep them running.  Through some rather drawn out troubleshooting we have ascertained that one of the SPEs only powers a single SP.  We have tried swapping the enclosure and the SPs with the same result each time.  This has led us to discover that one of the SPs is also broken.

I am trying to find the correct part online but cannot seem to track down the correct part number for the enclosure and a like for like replacement of the SP.  Is there a PDF I have missed with all the part numbers somewhere or does somebody here have an intimate knowledge of the parts?

Also, as an aside, one of the FLARE disks is faulted.  I have managed to track a replacement but was unsure if there was a different procedure for replacing a drive on the FLARE array?  Is it just a case of swapping it out and letting it rebuild?

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Re: CX3-10 SPE and SP part numbers


You will get the part number from the backside of the SP. If you want to check the compatible part details, please search in the below link (Partner access may required). Please verify the failure details by logging in to the management console before proceeding with the replacements.


There is no separate procedure for replacing a single FLARE drive. Get the Correct drive (Same or compatible part number). Then You can simply pull the faulty drive out and can insert the new drive to the slot.

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Re: CX3-10 SPE and SP part numbers

Storage Processor: 100-561-294 
NOTE: This SP part is NOT a FRU. The FRUs are as follows:

The CPU is part number 100-561-292 and the personality card is 204-012-900D.

Please order the individual parts if replacements are needed.

The Air Dam does not come with the CPU - remove and replace as needed.

DAE3P chassis DAE3P (D15) 4G DAE: 100-562-124
Description: CHASSIS W/2LCC, 2P/S
For: CX3-series CX4-series DL3D-Series CX3-10C CX3-20 CX3-40 CX3-80 CX4-120 CX4-240 CX4-480 CX4-960
Substitutions: 100-561-622, 100-562-124

DAE3P chassis DAE3P (STILETTO) 4GB DAE: 100-560-489
Description: CHASSIS W/ 2 LCC, 2 P/S
For: CX3 Series CX3-10C DL3D-Series CX3-20 CX3-40 CX3-80
Substitutions: 100-561-622, 100-562-124

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Re: CX3-10 SPE and SP part numbers


Do yourself a favor: don't spend so much time trying to search for P/N and revive that CX3-10

IMO, you should try to find for 200$ on eBay a working CX3-10 head. and so have every parts to test your CX3-10.

Or buy a complete CX3-20 with FlareOS for a bit more.

just my two cents.

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