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CX4 Soft media Error

HI Team,

In our environment we are using CX4, Today I got a error message to my email.

Error : Event Number 820 Serverity Warning Host CX4jul SPB Storage Array. SPB device Bus 1 Enclosure 1 Disk 3 Description : Soft Media Error.

Can you please suggest me how to resolve the issue ?

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Re: CX4 Soft media Error

Soft media errors are errors on the disk that have been corrected - this is just a notice that there may be some weak spots on the disk that may at some point in the future fail, but the protection on the disk will attempt to move the data from that location to a spare sector on the drive if too many of these occur. For now you can ignore them.

If you search in the Knowmledgebase for the error code 820, you should find a number of KB's about this.