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CX4 for Home Lab


So I am currently setting up a Homelab to experiment with virtualization and big data type applications using ESXi, and need some advice. I currently have the lab configured with an HP c7000 Blade Enclosure, with 2 (expanding to 😎 BL460C g7 blades and Emulex 4Gb/s FC HBAs. I want to setup a shared SAN to store VMs as well as common resources. Since I cannot afford the cost of new products, I am likely going to purchase used.

There is an abundance of KTN-STL4s (CX4 DAEs) that can be had for very reasonable prices on the internet. My understanding is that these must be paired with a CX3 or CX4 SPE to function. I also understand that they must come with the original hard drives with FLARE installed to work properly. Can anyone provide some tips as to how to identify whether FLARE is installed easily, and how I might go about setting this system up?


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Re: CX4 for Home Lab

That's the catch - there's no way to know beforehand if the SPE drives contain valid FLARE or not.  In some cases, SPEs on eBay and other sites incorrect contain the vault drive (yellow tag) label on vault disks that do not contain FLARE code.  Some units for sale substitute spare drives or other disks in the 0-4 slots and replace the label, making customers believe the arrays have FLARE code.

My best advice?  Pay for an array that a seller will certify with a given FLARE release. 

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